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SILIKON Technologies uses a documented, scientifically developed and obsessively monitored injection molding process. The systematic approach includes determination of fill, cavity-to-cavity balance, statistical analysis of both process parameters and product, process limit specification, process qualification, process validation and continuous process monitoring. Our superior, high quality services are used for numerous applications for the Medical Device, Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Neonatal, Veterinary & Dental industries.  ** Class 7 & Class 8 Clean Room Environment Options Available Upon Request**

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Silicone Injection Molding

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At SILIKON Tech., we believe that completely understanding and absolutely controlling the process is the only way to manufacture for repeatable and reproducible products. Thorough process measurement and evaluation during the development stage coupled with statistical analysis defines the process window and the associated parameter limits. Rigorous limit challenge provides a comprehensive, scientifically proven process specification for silicone injection molding. The development, qualification and subsequent validation of the molding process collectively ensure zero defect manufacturing.

A documented protocol is created to guide process validation. Our customers contribute to and are part of the validation protocol approval. Validation methodology follows regulatory and industry best practices including installation, operational and performance qualification. The formal validation is conducted with exacting adherence, finalized with a final report that is reviewed, approved and archived. Every process parameter is automatically evaluated throughout every molding cycle. If any given parameter is not within the specified and validated limit, the part produced during that cycle is robotically segregated. With such attention to process, part variation is reduced to a minimum and maintained well within product specification. Production parts are inspected for conformance to specification and serve as an audit of the process performance.

Supported For Growth

SILIKON Technologies  evolved from team leader discussions on current customer needs by sister company, Polymer Conversions, Inc. The goal was to take an existing successful track record from over three decades in medical injection molding (thermoplastic) and apply those same principles, culture and quality standards to the Liquid Silicone Rubber industry with a primary focus in Medical. Since its inception, SILIKON Tech. has successfully competed with some of the top suppliers in the industry for precision silicone injection molding  projects.


With the full support of sister company (Polymer Conversions, Inc.), SILIKON has been structured so that it provides the highest quality standards for full-service, precision, medical silicone molding services with plenty of space available for customer growth & support.

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